29 September 2008

Pastor Thinks his Flock are Idiots Too

Well, it's nice to see I'm not the only one. That seems like a harsh thing to say, but really...

Rev. Johnson and 32 other pastors are openly preaching politics in their churches, ignoring the special rule special religious folks get so they can skip out on their taxes. I'm getting to where I'm fine with this--I'm just looking for any reason to take this privilege away from churches and make the pony up the phat cash the rest of us have to. Yes, yes, there's the separation of church and state, but we all know that's a bit of a joke, so, since we seem to need the extra income anyway, let's reform the tax code. That aside, here's the best part of the article:
Asked why he felt the need to discuss the candidates by name and to be explicit in rejecting Obama and his pro-choice views, Johnson said he must connect the dots because he is not sure that all members of his congregation can do so on their own.
Okay, that's the second best part. Here's the best part:
The congregation greeted Johnson's reasoning and his criticism of Obama with applause.
"He's right! We're rock stupid!" He might be right. Those people need all the help they can get in making, probably, the most menial decisions. He might have to walk them to the polling stations.


  1. The really terrifying thing is that they are doing this to get to court. It is possible, though unlikely, that they might win. Can you imagine?

  2. I'm trying not to imagine it. Thanks. :)

    This rule we have infringing on their religious speech makes as much sense as certain hate crime laws protecting homosexuals infringes on their religious speech. They rallied pretty well around that one...I imagine if this goes to court, they'll do the same.

    We need better organization to fight this kind of crap in the public eye.