03 January 2009

Girl in Need...

I found this via Atheist Revolution, who got it from Pharyngula.

Graduate student and fellow atheist from New Zealand got a call informing her that her father died, rather unexpectedly. Terrible, terrible news. Because everything is last minute, the ticket back was pricey, but she managed to get a good friend to foot it on her credit card. That card's going to need some payment. Let's all chip in and lend a hand. I know how hard it is to be puttering along in life, just making ends meet, when, quite suddenly, a big fat bill for funds you don't have lands in your lap and it's entirely unavoidable. Now, compound that with grief.

If you've got some to spare, how about a little charity, up close and personal? Donations can be made via PayPal.


  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word. We can all relate to what she's going through, and it is cool to see us heathens pulling together to help. Sort of shows that there is some benefit to be had when we put our numbers to use, doesn't it?