12 August 2008

Atheist Nexus Folks on The Infidel Guy Show

Public Service Announcement:

Thursday, August 14th, 2008, 8PM EST

From the show's promo: "Brother" Richard and Kym Membe are the founders of AtheistNexus.org. It's one the latest and hottest atheist communities on the web. They are appearing tonight to discuss whether or not we even need atheist community sites as well as providing us an awesome treat in hearing their own personal paths to freethought. You don't want to miss this one. We will be streaming the show live right here on Atheist Nexus. Or you can go to InfidelGuy.com where the show is broadcast every Thursday night.
We hope some of you can call into the show and let your voices be heard on the value of community and what Atheist Nexus has meant to you:

Call in at 888-502-0802

By the way, Atheist Revolution has a post up today re: atheism in the media. Check it out.


  1. ... and so we grow.

    The Brights in the UK have been invited on to a radio show. It has taken weeks of discussion to decide if we should take part and then we are still looking for someone with the right skill to do it. Perhaps we have something to learn from the US.

  2. The godless have had some luck here on radio, true, but TV has been a whole different story. I think it's a very good idea to make sure you're not going to be put on and steamrolled. Luckily, here, The Infidel Guy isn't the enemy, and I expect an interesting and insightful show. :)

  3. I agree with latin. There's nothing wrong with taking your time to make sure you've the right person speaking for a group.

    I'm not sure how things are in the UK but here in the states there's really no better way to damage public image than having someone put their foot in their mouth.

    I'll be calling in, hopefully I can get on and share my two cents :D