11 August 2008

Plug: The Feeble Lance

I'm not huge on podcasts, mainly because I don't have a lot of time to listen to them. I get in an hour at the gym five days a week and another hour power-walking the battlefield on Sundays...that is the extent of my headphone time and I usually prefer to just listen to the music I also don't have time to listen to (typing that has made me painfully aware of something lacking in my life that needs a-fixin'). That being said, I downloaded The Feeble Lance's first podcast the other day and was able to give it a listen as I made my rounds of Oak Ridge.

This might be what some might call a 'rave review.' Were there bells and whistles? No. Confetti? No. Funny sound effects? No. And yay for that. Just a little festive music welcoming you in and kicking you out at the end, and in between, awfully swell comentary. If you're a deeply sarcastic freethinker and you like to hear someone who probably feels the same way you do about things spout off about them in soothing tones, like rational indignation filtered through steel wool--then this is the podcast for you. No kidding; I'm huffing it over hill and dale, heart a-poundin' and bod a-sweatin' and I could have fallen asleep, his voice was so soothing. And I've decided that this is exactly how I need to have infuriating current events delivered to me, otherwise I would blow a fuse. Good job, Clint.

Interesting content presented in a simple and comfortable format with commentary from a guy you could have coffee with and find yourself nodding most of the time, laughing, and when the coffee's gone, instead of going home you convince him to have another and refill your own. That's what I want out of a podcast.

The first episode: "Teacher burns kid (and people still love him), what’s a human?, little black masks, and Toby Keith is as jackass."

The second episode went live last night: "Brief rant about the media, the universe didn’t explode!, go waterboarding at Coney Island, Utah (of all places) has their head on straight when it comes to religion in classrooms, Doomsday, why so serious?! and Ray “Atheist Central” Comfort."

Links to topics can be found with each blog posting at The Feeble Lance. Stream it, download it like me and listen while getting in some good cardiovascular. Check it out. Also, if you've found your way here through Athiest Nexus, go give the Feeble Lance's friendly host, Hess, HR, Hessen, Clint, Clinton, Betty (call him what you like), a holla': Hessenroots.


  1. Wow, thanks for the plug :)

    What you've described is exactly what I'm going for so I must be doing something right.

    As I mention time and time again, it is a new format for me so I'm learning what works and what doesn't fairly quickly. Hopefully I can build on that and improve things rapidly.

    Constructive criticism, praise, counter-points and flat out objections are always encouraged. I'd like opinions from others that I can share and discuss. So, to anyone that does take a listen, I humbly request that you drop me an email or comment if you have the time.

    By the way, the quick props I toss to IsThatLatin at the end of episode 1.02 were recorded at least 12 hours before she posted this, so no one go claiming that I'm pandering ;)

  2. Hey, I did get a shout out! :) I was able to listen to episode two at work today.

    This whole LHC is really interesting, and, like you, I am such the layman when it comes to physics--my math is also crap. But it's so fascinating. I wish my brain worked in that way, but we can't have everything.

    Anyway, I think I have some comments or what-have-you, but I'll email or message them to you when I have more time to articulate them without sounding like I've been in the sun all day. ;) Great job!